With many different roles available here at Wellburn, we thought it would be helpful to give you a little more info about our key roles, to help you understand what they entail.

Here at Wellburn Care we have a wide variety of roles but the majority of applicants will likely be applying for one of our care related roles. Wellburn Care encourages and supports the development of all staff, and for most roles provides a clear line of career progression, from Care Assistant through to Home Manager and beyond.

Whilst a job description will give a list of duties involved in the role, it can't really give you the bigger picture, and tell you what it's really like to do it on a daily basis. Often people think they know what a care worker does, but the reality can often be quite different.

Below is a brief summary of some of our key roles, which should help you decide if a career in care is right for you:

The Care Assistant role is the back bone of our company, and is the most common role we offer. It's also the role that has the most hands on interaction with our residents on a daily basis. A Care Assistant will be on the front line, assisting the residents with their daily lives in the home, and it's a role that can often be challenging, but extremely rewarding. It's common for people to think that a Care Assistant will just mainly sit with the residents, and have a good chat. Whilst this is certainly part of the role, when time permits, they will also provide assistance with feeding and personal care of the residents. To be explicit this means helping residents with toileting and cleaning (personal hygiene). The Care Assistant, along with other staff, will also respond to any personal alarms in order to provide immediate assistance in the event of an emergency, such as a fall or other medical needs. The Care Assistant will also be expected to update any logs in relation to what has occurred on shift, for example what resident checks have been carried out etc.

In addition to undertaking similar duties as a Care Assistant, the Team Leader will often be the most experienced person on shift, and will allocate work to other staff depending on the requirements of the home at that time. They will either solely or jointly run the shift, and will be part of a daily handover whereby they are expected to be able to brief staff on any ongoing issues, so the next shift starting have everything they need. Another key part of the Team Leader role, is to write and review care plans for a resident, both when they first enter the home, and ongoing as their various care needs change over time. This is key as other staff will use the information in this document, to understand better the individual care needed for each and every resident. The Team Leader is also responsible for the distribution of medication to residents, and it is vital that this is carried out and recorded correctly, due to the possible consequences of a medication error occurring.

The role of Activities Co-ordinator can be one of the most rewarding roles that we have on offer. The Activities Co-ordinator is responsible for designing and running engaging activities for the homes residents, that are both mentally and physically stimulating. The Activities Co-ordinator will try, wherever possible, to get an understanding of the resident’s interests so they can design a programme of activities to fit. The activities should be as varied as possible, ranging from exercise classes, dancing, art and crafts and gardening, as well as regular day trips to local beauty spots or even to the local pub for a pint and food. The aim of an Activities Co-ordinator is to  bring the residents together, get them talking and interacting with each other and the staff. It also provides an environment that allows our residents, to express themselves in a creative way. Our Activities Co-ordinator's tell us there's nothing better than seeing a new resident gain confidence in the group, getting involved in an activity, making new friends and laughing.  Often an activity will trigger a specific memory with a resident, which is really interesting to then learn something new about their life, their background and their interests. Whilst the role is responsible for planning and delivering a structured activities programme, the role also offers opportunities for spontaneous activities too.

The Deputy Manager is the middle line of management in the home. They are responsible for the running of the home in the absence of the Home Manager, and they can cover the role of Team Leader if needed. The Deputy Manager will become involved in various management tasks such as auditing, management of staff or dealing with any potential safeguarding incidents. They will also take charge of the team when the Team Leader is off duty, and will be involved with the same tasks as the Team Leaders, such as directing staff, dispensing medications and care planning. They therefore have to wear a lot of different hats, but will gain invaluable experience of running a care home along the way.

The Home Manager is a registered person who is in charge of the effective running of the entire home. At times it can be difficult, with a lot going on. On any typical day the Home Manager may review care plans and risk assessments, speak to various bodies in relation to the care of specific residents including GPs, District Nurses and Safeguarding. They will also be speaking to resident’s family members and loved ones, show prospective residents and their families around the home and undertake any audits or safeguarding investigations. In relation to staff, the Home Manager will ensure the floor is adequately covered, deal with any staffing issues (including absence and conduct issues) or frustrations. They'll also brief staff on key issues, undertake staff supervisions and generally be a leader and motivator to the staff that they manage. At Wellburn Care we are very conscious that a good Home Manager will have a direct impact on the engagement of staff, and therefore the care of the residents. In addition, the Home Manager is responsible for the general running and upkeep of the home, with support from Head Office and the Maintenance team.

The Home Manager is an extremely important role, but one that is hugely rewarding both in terms of having a direct impact on the wellbeing of the residents, and providing the right environment for their colleagues to thrive.

The Administrators within our homes ensure the smooth running of all administrative processes in their respective homes in relation to staff timesheets, new starter paperwork, arranging staff training, admissions and discharge paperwork for all residents, money handling and audits to name a few. The role can be quite varied in terms of the type of administration as will deal with both staff and resident administration therefore an eye for detail and being organised is vital. It is likely that the Administrator will pick up a lot of the external calls to the home so will have a good understanding of all processes in order to either deal with a query or redirect it as appropriate.

These two roles are incredibly important to the wellbeing and quality of life of our residents.

Working as part of the Housekeeping team, our Domestic Assistants ensure the highest standards of cleanliness of all communal and personal areas within the home whilst being respectful of the residents and their space. The Domestic Assistants will clean all areas of the home to ensure the highest quality of experience for the residents whilst being mindful of our high standards and infection control.

Our Laundry Assistants also work as part of the housekeeping team and provide a busy laundry service to the residents and the wider home. They will provide a well organised service of washing, drying and ironing residents clothing, bed and table linen and towels. The Laundry Assistants need to be well organised to ensure that all loads are separated and that personal clothing is returned to the correct resident. This service is integral to the wellbeing of the residents and their personal hygiene.


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