Kenny Porter, 72

" I suppose I'm regarded as a fairly new resident. I've only been a resident at Riverhead Hall less than a year. Long enough to know that I love it here. 

The service I receive is second to none. I get up for breakfast and then enjoy a good read through the morning papers. I'll often sit and chat to other residents or to the staff, before wandering into the garden for a bit of fresh air. 

I've always been very active, so after lunch, I often like to go for a stroll around town. Having the freedom to come and go is really important to me and getting out is essential. Once back I'll take dinner and then get involved with any activities that are going on. I'll then retire for the evening and watch a little bit of TV in my room, before bedtime. Life here really does tick all of my boxes and the staff have made me feel very welcome."