Published 27.03.19

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A recent CQC inspection, sent ripples across the entire company, and marks a new chapter in Wellburn’s story.

After a recent inspection from the CQC (Care Quality Commission), to say we were delighted to achieve a company first would be a bit of an understatement.

Our Craghall care home, in Jesmond is one of our flagship homes, and we’re fortunate to have an absolutely fantastic and committed team, who do a first class job for all of our residents. So it was an immensely proud moment for them all, and all of us here at Wellburn, when the CQC awarded us our first ever ‘Outstanding’ rating.

The overall rating for Craghall was ‘Good’ which in itself is very promising, but to receive an ‘Outstanding’ for responsiveness was a very proud moment. A rare achievement and it marks the first ever achieved by any of our homes.

The CQC is an executive public body regulator in social care, making sure care homes across England provide residents with safe, effective, compassionate and high-quality care. A CQC outstanding rating is the holy grail in the care home sector.

The Michelin star of care home ratings. In fact, only 2% of care homes across England have an overall outstanding rating by the commission, so by achieving an outstanding in responsiveness, we feel we’re well on the way to achieving the ultimate goal of an overall outstanding.

Home to up to thirty-six residents, Craghall was hailed by CQC in the report
as ‘lovely’, and activities were summarised in the report as being ‘outstanding’. The emphasis on helping their residents achieve personal goals, was also complimented.

We also enjoyed complimentary comments about our state of the art, electronic care planning system and new technologies we have within Craghall, such as our large electronic activities table.

A lot of work goes into selecting and hiring the right people, who fit the demands of our roles, and we ask and expect a lot for every single one of our team. Although they know how much they’re appreciated by all of us in the company, it’s always nice for them and us to receive official recognition.

Achieving an outstanding rating in one of the key areas, is testament to all of our team at Craghall, and is reward for their unrelenting commitment, compassion and hard work.

It also now sets the benchmark, not only for our staff at Craghall, but for every single one of our 14 homes. One of the most rewarding moments, after news broke of the rating, wasn’t that we allowed ourselves a moment of pride and celebration, but once the dust settled, we all turned around to each other and the focus immediately turned towards the future.

Our Executive Chairman Rachel Beckett’s first thought was “This is just fantastic, and I want our team at Craghall to know just what they’ve achieved”, which resulted in a celebratory Friday evening at Craghall, allowing residents, staff, family, friends and special guests, the opportunity to join as one, in a lovely moment of togetherness.

But it was Rachel’s second thought, that was perhaps more telling. A meeting was scheduled for first thing the very next Monday morning, and as she put it, “Right, this is fantastic, but it’s just the start. This achievement sends a direct message to all of us here at HQ, and to our staff, across

all of our homes. Craghall shows us that our hard work, new strategies and plans are working. We keep the foot on the pedal and we keep going”.

They say the pursuit for perfection, hinders progress. Of course perfection isn’t attainable, we know that, but the pursuit for excellence is what led us to our first ever ‘Outstanding’ rating, and it’s what drives us to strive for more. So our focus is on continued and sustained excellence, and that’s perfect enough for us.


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