Exciting things are happening over at our Glenholme House home, in Sunderland. As part of our ongoing refurbishment programme, Glenholme is the latest home we’re investing heavily in. One of the major changes, is that we’ve restructured the homes offering, incorporating the previous day centre into the home. The change has enabled us to create four extra bedrooms and a new office space, as well as being able to create a new lounge with state of the art dining facilities, where the day centre once stood.

Already, we’re getting some superb feedback from residents and their families. Staff have also seen a massive change, and are really enjoying the prospect of working in their new spaces. Work is due for completion in October, and plans are already underway for a celebratory launch party and a chance to say thank you to everyone that was involved in making this happen. We’ll keep you all posted, as we’d love to see you join in the celebration.

Helen Lawson