Across all of our homes, we’ve been paying a respectful remembrance to our fallen heroes, in many different ways.  The residents and staff at Ryton Towers, put together the most beautiful and touching remembrance display in the home.

Using two mannequins as a base, they dressed one in full RAF uniform and the other in a dress.  A dress with a different though.  Formed purely out of poppies, which were individually made, with the help of the residents and staff members.  The idea was the brainchild of both Joanne Stewart, our Activity Co-ordinator at Ryton Towers and our home manager Donna McKenna.

The final work was displayed in the main entrance, so that every visitor would get the chance to see it.  A massive well done everyone at Ryton Towers and to all involved in the project across all of our homes.  They did a fantastic job in making such an important day, with respect expressed in their own individual ways.

Helen Lawson