Staff and residents are celebrating following the announcement that Garden House received a ‘Good’ rating from the Care Quality Commission.

Inspectors made two visits in November and December and reported that ‘Care plans were in place which detailed the care and support people needed to remain safe whilst having control and making choices about how they lived their lives. Each person had a care file which also included guidelines to make sure staff supported people in a way they preferred.’ and ‘People were supported to maintain healthy balanced diets. Food was home cooked using fresh ingredients and people said that they enjoyed it. Food options reflected people’s likes, dislikes and dietary requirements.’  The Inspector added ‘People were supported to access healthcare appointments as and when required and staff followed GP and District Nurses advice when supporting people with ongoing care needs.’

The Inspectors observed ‘positive interactions between staff and people throughout the inspection. This showed us that people felt comfortable with staff supporting them.’.  The premises were found to be clean and well maintained.  Medicines were managed safely, securely stored, correctly recorded and only administered by staff that were training to give medicines.

A person said, "It's very homely here. Always warm in the house and in my room". Another person told us, "I feel safe here at Garden House. If I need anything I just need to ask".   A relative said, "My loved one is very safe, (name) warm and comfortable". Another relative told us, "My loved one is safe here, I know that she's settled. It's piece of mind. This is the best home I feel for her".

A person told us, "Staff are caring, no concerns. We get the support we ask for". This person went onto say, "The best thing here is the way we are looked after". Another person said, "We are supported by lovely staff who are very caring". Another person referred to the staff as 'wonderful'.

They also reported that ‘"There are lots of activities and trips out. It's nice to get out and do different things". People told us they could choose to take part in activities or not. A relative told us, "They go to the extreme at Garden House. They organise summer, Christmas and Easter parties which include egg hunts for the grandchildren. Families are always welcome". We found that activities were linked to people's likes and dislikes’.

To see more details in the Inspection Report, see Garden House's page.

Helen Lawson