On the 21st and 22nd April a small group from Glenholme House took part in the Creative Age Exhibition through Washington Art Centre, which is a group designed for people living with the early stages of dementia, where they work with various mediums including printmaking, painting, sculpture and 3D installations.  This project has been organised in collaboration with Equal Arts and is funded by Arts Council England.  Our residents took part in flower making to put on a sculpture of Penshaw Hill Monument using film paint, which dries thinly, showing the colour through the light.  Mary and Ellen took great pride in making the flowers using fine wire looped and dipped into special "film paint" which dries thinly giving an appearance similar to stained glass.  On the Saturday we went through and made our prints some of which went on display and some we brought home, this was created by putting various objects onto a "light machine" which works very similar to a photograph after the light had passed over it you are left with a piece of paper which when exposed to water brings up the image you created.  Our resident, Mary also had a go at animation, making an elephant ride a pig! The two days were fantastic fun, doing things we never thought we would do.  Keep your eye out for our flowers and prints displayed at Washington Arts Centre and to view part of Mary’s animation visit

Helen Lawson