All of our Homes celebrated Dementia Awareness Day and on Monday 16th May we had a visit from Josh Benson who is currently starring in the West End as part of Gary Barlow's Show.  We had a sing song with our very own Ian Donaghy playing guitar and everyone sang along to popular tunes everyone knew.  We also had a go at singing on the radio microphone with others joining in.  Josh went around the room performing close up magic tricks and he wowed us with his magic leaving many residents exasperated as too how he managed to do the tricks! Everyone enjoyed the magic tricks and he went around the room to show everyone leaving no-one out!  Towards the end of the magic session Ian picked up his guitar once again and we finished off with another sing song.  We also had a lovely buffet tea, then dropped down the big screen so we could watch a movie, where the residents decided they wanted to watch Dad's Army the movie again, then we watched High Society to top the day off nicely.

Helen Lawson