Fantasy film is made from small individual pots of colour.  We used fine wire and made shapes in the form of flowers, which you dip in and out of the pot of colour, which dries within approximately 6 minutes and the effects are colours like stained glass.  Our residents at Ryton Towers Care Home had a fun time making these and got to be as creative as they wished, it is a very therapeutic and calming activity and works well as a one to one activity too.  Joanne, our Lead Activities Coordinator has been working with a freelance artist, Claire Ford from We engAGE, who is also involved with Equal Arts and Joanne has been working with them for many years now, they have also given us some amazing activities to share too.  This is a great activity and the flowers really are beautiful to look at and brighten up our Home.  Make sure you keep an eye out around the Home for them.

Helen Lawson