Tea, the aromatic beverage using an evergreen shrub native to Asia was originated in Southwest China where it was used as a medicinal drink, but nowadays it is a widespread popular drink, where there are many different versions around, whether it be Black, Green, Breakfast, Earl Grey or Herbal Teas, there are many different infusions and blends and there has also been a debate over many years on whether you put the milk in the teacup first or after.   To celebrate National Tea Day Glenholme House tasted lots of different tea, Mint Green Tea, Earl Grey, Red Berries, Chamomile and Lemon Green Tea.  We asked Glenholme House residents how they make the perfect cup of tea:

Mary McKenzie said “warm the teapot with hot water, then empty the water, add your tea and boiling water, let the tea ‘mask’ for five minutes, put your milk in the cup then add your tea”

Lillian Wilson said “put teabag in cup, add boiling water, then milk and sugar if required”

Joan Dobson said “water first, then add teabag, leave to ‘mash’ for five minutes then add milk and sugar”

Mash and mask were terms used in Sunderland to describe the infusion of the tea.

Helen Lawson