After our hugely successful debut at the Jobs Fair in Newcastle, we’re taking the hunt for the best and most talented people, back on the road. This time, we’re heading to the Jobs Fair at the York Railway Institute on 28th September, to showcase the fantastic and wide ranging opportunities we have within our company.

During the event in York, our ‘putting the smile into Monday’ campaign will be back. Aiming to show how a career in the care industry can be hard work, but extremely rewarding and a lot of fun.

One of the other competitions we regularly run, is our M&M competition. We ask people to guess how many Wellburn branded M&M’s are in a jar, with the closest winning a cash prize of £100.

Amongst all the fun, we take recruitment extremely seriously, and taking part in events like this, the hope is that we find some ambitious, like minded people, perfect for our team. Fingers crossed and we’ll see you all there, talented people of York.

Helen Lawson