Over the past few months, we’ve been piloting our new ‘You’ve Been Framed’ project, with a view to it being rolled out across all of our homes. The concept behind the project, is to use old picture frames to create life story collages, acting as conversation starters for visitors and staff. Wellburn’s Ian Donaghy believes the project will help “reinforce who we are, when we are having difficulties with our memories.”

The project involves collating photographs, and then spending time, identifying each person within it, and adding key information, such as their name, who they are, along with significant jobs they might have had or places our residents love, places they have lived and what really matters to them.

So far, the project has been a huge success, and has been met with excitement from residents, family and staff, with some wonderful results. Staff have also found it a helpful way of learning more about each resident, and seeing a visual picture of what someone has been through in their life, creates conversation starting points far easier.

Anything that creates more togetherness across staff, families, friends and our residents is welcomed with open arms. Plans are now in place to roll the project out, in all of our homes.

Helen Lawson