We understand that you will have many questions, and that choosing a care home for you or a loved one can be a difficult task. To make things a little easier, we've compiled a list of questions we're frequently asked.

Of course, we can't cover off everything, so if there's something you need help with, don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll be here to answer any questions you have.

Are all rooms individually priced?

Yes they are. All of our rooms are individually priced depending on the size, view, and whether they have en-suite. for a comprehensive price list for all of our homes, please get in touch with our head office or one of our homes directly.

Will my relative be here for good, even if their needs change?

Every individual is regularly assessed depending on their needs. This will include involvement from GPs, health professionals and their family. If their needs change or our care home is no longer able to meet their needs, it may be that a different category of Care is required. But we will work with you every step of the way and make any decision together.

Can we take our relative out for the day / weekend?

Absolutely. We have a superb activity schedule in all of our homes, and we're always looking to get our residents out and about, with days trips to places like the seaside. We always actively encourage friends and relatives to get involved too, so if they'd like to make their own plans, we'd always welcome and support them.

Can they bring in their own furniture?

Yes. We welcome and encourage our residents to make their rooms feel as familiar and as comfortable as possible. We've found that simple things, such as residents bringing their own furniture and pictures to hang on the walls, go a long way to helping with this. 

Are they able to get a telephone in their bedroom?

Yes all of our rooms are equipped with a telephone point, which means all you need to do is arrange for a telephone line to be installed in their bedroom. 

When can we take a look around?

Visits are welcome at any time. You can phone or email to book ahead of a visit, or simply pop in at any time that suits you. We would however, ask for a little bit of patience if you drop in during busy times, such as meal times etc. If you would like to talk to the Home Manager, then we would suggest you call ahead in advance, to make sure they'll be around for your visit. 

Can we share a meal with our relative?

Of course. We love to get family and loved one's involved as much as possible. We can include you in any of the meal times, just simply call in advance, so we know to expect you. 

Can we bring the dog in when we visit?

It's scientifically proven that animals can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase social interaction and physical activity amongst the elderly. Our residents benefit from our continued policy to allow family and friends to visit with their dogs. We also include animal home visits on our roster of social activities.

Who will pay for what in a Wellburn care home?

Depending on your financial situation, your local authority may pay for some of the costs of your care. This depends on a means test of your savings and assets, including any income from your pension or benefits, and the value of your home. 

In England if you have more than £23,250 you have to fully fund your care until your capital drops below this amount. If you require a nursing home, even if you are paying all your own fees, the NHS now makes a contribution to your nursing costs of about £100 per week. Nursing care is defined as the care you are assessed as needing from a registered nurse.

Can I try a short stay in a Wellburn care home before I decide to give up my own home?

We fully understand how difficult it can be to take the decision to give up your own home. We can plan an appropriate time for you to stay, based on the availability of a vacant room at the home you are interested in and the length of time you would like to stay. This will be charged at our current care rate and provides you with an ideal opportunity to see what it is like to live in a Wellburn home.

Can I continue with hobbies and activities I enjoy when I come to stay at a Wellburn care home?

Yes, we have an Activities Co-ordinator in each of our care homes whose main role is to organise daily activities within the home and local community. When you come to live with us, we will spend time getting to know how you would like us to help you continue your current lifestyle and to live the life you want.

What qualifications do your Care Teams have?

All of the members of our Care Team are given the training and support needed to help them provide the highest standards of care. Majority of our care staff are regularly working towards further recognised care qualifications i.e. NVQ’s. We also have mandatory internal training, which is ongoing. 

What are third party top up fees?

If your care home fees are funded by the council and you prefer a more expensive care home to the one the council has offered you, you should still be able to move there, if someone will agree to pay the difference. This is called a ‘third party top-up’. A ‘third party top-up’ can be made by a friend, a relative or a charitable organisation.

Do you provide hairdressing and chiropody?

Yes. A little pampering makes everyone feel good, which is why our hairdresser is on site every fortnight. She offers a full range of services including cutting, blow-dry, sets and perms. Hairdressing services are offered for both ladies and gentlemen.

Chiropody can be organised, they visit every 6 weeks but also you can keep your private chiropodist if you prefer. All you have to do is let the office know when they will be visiting.

Residents would need their own funds which are kept in the safe for hairdressing and chiropody services.

Is there a choice of food and do you cater for special diets? 

Yes most definitely. Each resident has an individual care plan, which includes food choices and dietary needs. We work closely with our residents and will also consult family and friends to find out likes and dislikes. Residents can choose from several options at each mealtime.

We cater for specific dietary needs including soft or pureed, diabetic and allergenic, vegetarian and individual requirements. We also work extremely hard to ensure our menus are balanced and nutritious.

What services does Wellburn include in the price of the care home and what do I pay extra for?

At a Wellburn care home our weekly charge includes your furnished accommodation and the full care services we provide. It also includes catering, housekeeping and laundry, support with daily activities and the management of medication 

You can also buy small items, such as toiletries, in your care home and you will need to pay for personal services such as hairdressing or private chiropody. The weekly charge does not include activities that involve an entrance fee, such as theatre visits or trips. Please note although we include laundry in our services, if you wish to do your relatives laundry for them just let us know. 

What do I need to bring with me when I come to stay? 

Current medication in original boxes. Toiletries and clothes is all you are required to bring with you, however any other personal possessions you wish to bring. You are not required to bring bed linen or towels, however if you wish to bring your own you are more than welcome. 


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